So, what’s a real domain name? A domain name could be the address you type into your browser when you would like to obtain to a website. It is the part that ends within the .com, or .org, or .net (or even .sg, for instance, if you’ve the SG domain).

As an example, Google’s domain name is actually and also Google’s SG URL of your website is and Facebook’s domain name is and so on.

Selecting a Domain Name

Unless of course you are a huge multinational business or perhaps a social media website that is searching to standout in the crowd and construct a brand, then a good SEO-friendly URL of your website is an essential asset to have.


So, the very first thing we see when deciding in case a domain name is really the keywords.

As you almost certainly currently know, keyword study will be the important 1st step with your Search engine optimization technique. But you might not be mindful that regardless of what they might publically say, the actual search engines like google, at present anyway, see key phrases or important phrases inside actual domain name as an essential element whenever ranking your internet site.

So, let us take an instance. If you want to rank for the crucial phrase “baby stroller” simply because you are inside baby products industry, then you’d preferably want the keywords baby and stroller within the domain name.

Exact Match Names

An instance of your Exact Match optimized domain name could be

This really is a specific match simply because it consists of the search phrases “baby stroller” and use in that order and also consists of no other words or phrases. We need to attempt to get Exact Match Domain Names whenever possible.

Phrase Match Names

A phrase matched enhanced domain could be, for instance, This domain name also provides you with the words “baby” and “stroller”, but additionally consists of the word my.

Phrase Matched Domain Names should be the second choice after Exact Match Names.

Broad Matched Names

A broad match enhanced domain name could be, for example, As you’ll be able to see, this includes the key phrases baby and stroller. However the words are in different order, and consist of the word “for” in particular.

Once more, Broad Matched are much less appealing for us than Phrase Matched Domain Names.

For reference, a non keyword-optimized domain name could be, for example, As you’ll be able to see, this really is in the exact same niche. Nevertheless it does not really contain the key phrases stroller anywhere within the domain.

We ought to steer clear of Domain Names which are not Keyword Optimised.

Where to Go From Here

1. Navigate your your best domain registrar site on your browser.

2. In the search bar, search if your domain is available.

3. Proceed to registering your domain name.


So, if all things are equal, a domain that has exact match to the target keyword or key phrase is likely to be able to outrank other internet domain names for that keyword or perhaps key phrase and that could be followed by a phrase match domain followed by broad match.

Again, all things being equal, the more optimized domain name is for a target key phrase, the shorter time, effort and money is needed in obtaining a high ranking.

Thus, getting the right keywords inside your domain from the start will save you time, money and also months, if not really years, of effort and hardwork.